Asus ROG has announced a new addition to their Strix monitor, the ROG Strix XG27VQ, a 27-inch gaming monitor made especially for professional gamers. With its silky-smooth graphics and gorgeous aesthetics, Asus promises to deliver an incredible gaming experience.

The monitor has a 1800R curve, extending the user’s field of view and at the same time, giving them an immersive feel when gaming. The curve is also equidistant to the eye which will give gamers a more comfortable feel when gaming for a long period of time. It also comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz so it will offer buttery smooth gaming experience, ideal for gamers that play first-person shooters. To add to the smoothness, Asus has also included FreeSync technology to further eliminate tearing and input lag to keep you on top of your game every time. It also features a unique light signature that allows gamers to create and customize the light-projection effects. Included are two ROG logo covers and a blank cover which gamers can use to customize how the projection will be displayed.

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Asus unveils a curved 27-inch gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate 1Finally, with Asus DisplayWidget, it will allow users to tweak settings or configure Asus GameVisual, App Sync and Blue Light Filter. All these settings can be done from the on-screen display menu, but the display widget makes accessing this functions much faster and easier. The Strix XG27VQ is available now for a retail price of RM2,234 which includes a 3 Years warranty and a 1-to-1 swap.


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