The initial hype for the Essential Phone died down swiftly after its release. Andy Rubin’s company took a while to put the handset up for sale after its launch, and was criticized for its poor camera software optimization. The Essential Phone also debuted with a premium price tag of $699 (RM 2,962.01), but has since saw a gradual price drop. Today, the Essential Phone can be bought for 65 percent of its original price.

Currently available in Pure White and Black Moon color options, the Essential Phone is currently available for a mere $449.99 (RM 1,906.38) on US retailer Best Buy. This is probably the lowest ever price that the phone has dropped to, likely due to the lack of demand for it. It still remains an impressive phone with top notch specs – 5.7-inch QHD+ bezel-less display, Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage. The Essential Phone also comes with a dual 13MP rear camera setup, and a greatly improved camera software.

The new pricing of the Essential Phone puts it side by side with the likes of the OnePlus 5, and might just turn out to be the better handset due to its more attractive display and glass back with a pogo pin connector for Essential accessories. Till now, we have yet to receive news of this flagship smartphone’s availability in Malaysia. Would you like to see the Essential Phone being sold here?