ZTE has been laying low in the flagship game for the most part of 2017. Although the company’s latest “flagship” offering isn’t a flagship by technical means, it is a rather unique device. The revolutionary ZTE Axon M has been announced earlier this month, and will finally go on sale tomorrow on November 1.

The ZTE Axon M, which will be available exclusively via US major carrier AT&T,  finally had its release date announced. AT&T will be selling the handset on its online store starting tomorrow, and will be available at physical stores on 17 November.

Just to recap, the ZTE Axon M features two 5.2-inch displays side by side which can be folded into a single 5.2-inch handset. Underneath the hood is last year’s flagship processor – a Snapdragon 821 chipset, assisted by 4GB of RAM.

The screen can be extended to two screens, which will act as a larger expanded display for a more immersive media consumption experience. Speaking of which, there are dual speakers with Dolby audio technology. The rear 20MP camera is no slouch too.

The ZTE Axon M will carry a premium price tag of $725. Would you like to see the arrival of the Axon M to Malaysian shores?