Although Xiaomi’s series of smartphones are arguably one of the most value for money products for smartphone consumers, availability still remains an issue. As many fans as the company has garnered worldwide, the availability of its handsets are pretty much only limited to a handful of regions so far. Xiaomi has no doubt been working hard to bring their devices to new regions, and Spain will be next.

Xiaomi’s Senior Vice President Wang Xiang has posted up a teaser on his Twitter account announcing the brand’s launch in Spain, which will happen via a launch event in Madrid on November 7. Spain marks Xiaomi’s first breakthrough in the Western European market, which has been dominated by Apple and Samsung thus far.

There hasn’t been mention of which Xiaomi smartphones or products will make their way to the Spanish market in conjunction with the launch one week from now. Chances are that Xiaomi’s major and more popular smartphones will see a Spanish debut, such as the Mi Note 3 and the Mi 6. Xiaomi’s Mi Home products, which rarely see the light outside China, will unlikely be sold in Spain.

One of Xiaomi’s major smartphone markets is South East Asia, which includes Malaysia. Which device do you hope to see being sold here in Malaysia?