WhatsApp has long been rumored to have tested this feature, and it is now official. Ever sent an embarrassing text or sent the wrong text to the wrong person? WhatsApp now enables you to delete that sent text, as long as it is within 7 minutes.

This newly introduced feature to WhatsApp definitely will change the way we text using the world’s most widely used messaging app. According to WhatsApp, it will be particularly useful if you have sent the wrong text to the wrong chat or made a mistake in the text, but we know it is more than just that.

To make use of that feature, you will need to have the latest version of WhatsApp on both iOS or Android. The recipient has to be using the latest version of the app as well, otherwise the feature might not work. All you have to do is hold the text you intend to delete, tap on the trashcan icon above, and you will receive a prompt on whether you would like to delete the text for everyone or yourself.

Once again, bear in mind that it will only work within 7 minutes upon sending that particular text. Say goodbye to accidental and drunk texts. What do you think?