Apple’s CarPlay as we all know is exclusively for car’s entertainment system that supports it. Honda has decided that why only limit it to cars? The Japanese vehicle manufacturer has announced that they are set to release the first motorcycle that will come equipped with CarPlay.

The new 2018 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle will feature a 7-inch LCD in the dashboard which CarPlay will be displayed on just like how it would on a car. An iPhone can be connected to the bike via USB which is stored in the truck or the storage cubby in the tank and it can be accessed through the touch panel. However, a Bluetooth headset is still required to use the system, it can also be controlled through the left grip or a rotary controller on the tank. The new Gold Wing is 40kg lighter than the previous generation and will come equipped with a 1,800cc engine with a double-wishbone front suspension.

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The 2018 Honda Gold Wing will start at $23,500 (RM99,522.50) and will be available for purchase in February 2018. There is still no information if it will make its way to our shores, so all you bikers cross your fingers if you are looking forward to this.