Just like how Valve has the Valve Anti-Cheat system, Microsoft has also introduced its own version of an anti-cheat system called TruePlay that comes with the Fall Creator update that just released recently. This is not something that Microsoft has touched on but it is something that some of you need to be aware off if you are an avid gamer.

Microsoft explains, “A game enrolled in TruePlay will run in a protected process, which mitigates a class of common attacks.” They go on to add that the service will monitor gaming sessions for manipulations that are common in cheating scenarios and data will be collected when cheating behaviour appears to be occurring. Some of you might not like the idea that your game data is being shared with the game developer, but Microsoft has assured that they can turn off the monitoring system if they want too and they will still be able to run the game normally.

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Another good thing is that it will be only integrated with games that are part of the Universal Windows Platform games, which could also be a sign that the company is slowly building itself up to be a proper contender to the Steam platform.