Ever wanted to try an app or game on the Play Store but have to go through a long process of installing the app only to find out that there is more you need to download when opening up the app? Well, Google’s Instant Apps is the answer, this feature will allow you to try out the app before fully downloading it.

The feature is currently being rolled out to some apps where there is an option tap on it Try It Now button before installing it fully. To check if the app supports this feature, it has to be labelled with the Instant Apps-ready tag and with that the Try It Now button will be available on it. Other than that, Google has also given the Game section a revamp that will now show off trailers for Apps and a section for new and premium paid games.

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Lastly, is the change to subscription-based apps, where Google will reduce its cut for customers that subscribe to the app for more than a year. Previously, Google would take 30% of the revenue that the developer earns. With the change implemented, developers will see that Google will only take a 15% cut from customers that stay with the app over a year.