The OPPO F5 is currently in the pipeline for South East Asian markets, and most of us are definitely looking forward to the upcoming device by the Chinese manufacturer as it will feature its own proprietary Beauty AI technology for selfies. Speaking of which, a Thai retail poster of the handset has been leaked, and we now know that there will be three variants of the OPPO F5.

Let’s get the similarities out of the way first. All three variants will of course feature the Beauty AI technology by OPPO, the same 6-inch display on the front with minimal bezels, likely the same Snapdragon 660 processor underneath the hood and the same rear camera.

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The regular variant of the OPPO F5 will come with 4GB of RAM, while the OPPO F5 6GB variant will pack 6GB of RAM like its name states. That should be the only difference that separate both the OPPO F5 and the OPPO F5 6GB. There’s one more variant known as the OPPO F5 Youth, which unlike the other two, only sports one 16MP camera on the front instead of a dual selfie camera setup.

All three devices will likely make an appearance in Malaysian markets. The OPPO F5 is slated to be launched some time in November.