There are complains from Pixel 2 XL users that the OLED display, although is supposed to produce natural colours, are coming out dull when compared to other phones that are using the same type of display. Google’s answer to this is to add an extra colour option other than vivid colours option that is currently on the phone already.

Although Google is not confirming that they are going to implement this new option it still sounds very promising and something that might just fix the issue users are facing. The issue comes about due to a debate in the mobile world where is it better to have a natural more colour accurate screen or a screen that would make colour and details pop out, making it slightly exaggerated. Although Google went with the colour accurate screen, users have commented that the screen feels a little lifeless and would have appreciated if Google added more options to tweak the colour settings.

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In addition to that, the P-OLED panel on the phones is producing a bluish tint when looking at the phone in a particular angle, a hardware issue that will be tricky to fix. You won’t see this issue on other phones with OLED panels but it is not an issue that will disrupt the experience.