Cooler Master has just launched a new and highly anticipated casing, the MasterCase H500P is designed to blow you away in looks and performance. The two 200mm fans on the front provide optimal airflow into the case and are equipped with RGB lighting which can be controlled through RGB enabled motherboards or RGB controllers. Two more 200mm fans can be installed to the top of the casing if needed.

The light grey tinted side and topĀ panels allow you to see all the components and give the system a nice astatic look. A customized PSU shroud on the front, CPU cutout cover on the back and removable cable cover panel offer you freedom when it comes to cable management and ensuring that you build is clean as possible. Two PCI slots at the rear of the casing enable users to mount their graphics card vertically without the need of brackets. However, a riser cable is needed for this setup and will be sold separately.

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Up to 360mm radiators can be mounted to the top and front of the casing, proving users with more than enough space for a custom loop or larger radiator. The MasterCaseĀ  H500P is now available for purchase in Malaysia at a price of RM639 on Cooler Master’s official Lazada page.