After releasing a headset that will support the Mixed Reality update that will be coming to Windows 10, Samsung feels really confident in the VR market and has unveiled a new 17-lens 360-degrees camera for VR and can live-stream in 4K.

This device is called the 360 Round and alongside its 17 cameras, it also has six onboard mics for spatial audio and supports two external mic hookups. Other than that, it comes with 50GB of internal memory with support for 2TB of SSD, gyroscope, accelerometer and live-streaming of up to 4,096 X 2,048 resolution at 30FPS. It is also dust and water resistant with a rating of IP65, so shooting out in the elements would not be a problem just as long it is not submerged in water for too long.

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Samsung unveils a 360 camera that has 17-lens for VR use 1Samsung has not announced the price for this VR camera but we would assume that it will come with a premium price as the specs are no joke. It is also obvious that this camera is targeted at professional filmmakers and users that will take advantage of this power.