Amazon Alexa is slowly but surely becoming an excellent replacement for Google Home and Motorola thinks so too as they have introduced a new Moto Mod that will bring the assistant to all supported Motorola phones. The mod will work exactly as the normal assistant and comes with a dedicated speaker that will output Alexa’s voice.

In addition to the dedicated speaker, there are also four mics to pick up your voice even in a noisy environment, an excellent feature compared to using the phone’s microphones. If you are worried about battery life, the mod will have a 15-hour built-in battery that will keep your phone alive while you have a conversation with Alexa, it also has a dock-like design that is intended to be used on your nightstand.

Motorola's new Moto Mod is an Alexa Speaker 1The only drawback to this mod is the price, as it comes with a costly price tag of $150 when it ships in November to countries that support Alexa. Currently, if you browse Amazon, you can easily pick up an Echo Dot for about $50 and that itself is already very portable or an Amazon Echo for $100.