Projectors are often a key component when it comes to conferences and board meetings. They don’t come cheap, but years ago there were a handful of gimmicky hopeful smartphones with projector features which might or might not have came in handy for fans who bought them. Sony has been teasing a prototype of a projector with a projected touch screen at multiple tech trade shows since last year, and it has finally been revealed.

This is the Sony Xperia Touch projector, which looks much less of a gimmick than smartphones with projecting capabilities, as this projector is definitely a full fledged model. Suffice to say, the Sony Xperia Touch projector is more feature filled than gimmicky. The projector is equipped with a camera and an infrared sensor, allowing for interaction with the projected display. By interaction we mean touching the projected display.

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Images can be projected from 23 inches to 80 inches at a resolution of 1366 X 768, with a respectable 60 frames per second. The Sony Xperia Touch also comes with a set of stereo speakers plus a microphone to capture voice commands. Best part is the projector is powered by Android.

The Sony Xperia Touch isn’t cheap by any means though, coming at $ 1,700 (RMĀ 7,174.85). The projector is currently available in the US through Amazon and other select stores.