Razer, a company known for its gaming products and accessories, is definitely a household name in the gaming industry. Now that it has garnered fans from every corner of the world, Razer will be unveiling its next big thing in November, and it will be a smartphone centered around gaming.

The last time a company launched a gaming mobile device, or as close to a smartphone as it can be, was NVIDIA with the NVIDIA Shield Portable. It was a pocket gaming device that ran on Android Lollipop when it launched. The teaser that was posted up by Razer on its website leaves a whole lot to be speculated and imagined, as the only information to note is its November 1 launch date.

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Earlier claims undoubtedly point to a gaming mobile device by Razer, which could possibly mean an Android powered Razer gaming smartphone. Razer CEO Tan Min Liang has mentioned not too long ago that the company will be unveiling a mobile device by the end of 2017.

As far as features go, we will probably be expecting front firing speakers at the very least, along with longer than usual battery life and Razer’s own gaming services pre-installed onto the device. What will you be expecting from Razer’s upcoming gaming smartphone?