Who would have thought that we won’t actually survive without a search engine in this day and age? Most of us do realize how important Google Search can be in our daily lives. While Google has already aced the search engine criteria, the company plans to enhance the experience even further in its search suggestions.

According to a source who reached out to the folks at Android Police, Google is currently testing thumbnail images within the search suggestions on the Google search engine on Android. As seen in the image provided above, typing out a name would bring out suggestions alongside images beside them.

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This new feature which has not been rolled out will bring more life to the already comprehensive Google search engine. Search suggestions with thumbnail images will undoubtedly compel the common folk to use Google’s search engine tool more frequently than ever. The feature will also ease up the search process as well.

Android Police’s source happens to be using a beta version of Google Search on a Pixel XL. It is likely that Google is still in the preliminary stages of testing out this feature, but we hope to see it soon on our devices. Thoughts?