There are a few reasons why most of us would want to own a gaming laptop, apart from wanting to be the coolest person in the meeting room or college, one obvious reason is that we want a desktop computing performance on the go. Granted, gaming laptops have come a long way to match the performance of gaming desktop computers, however many of them still lack essential features that still doesn’t translate a great high performance computing experience. The Lenovo Legion Y920 happens to address some issues that I have experienced on other high-end gaming laptops, and even though this is Lenovo’s very first attempt at a high-end gaming laptop, it has great stuffs that other gaming laptops can learn from.

Great Typing Experience and Trackpad Precision

Though it is unfair to suggest gaming laptops to use mechanical keyboards like the Lenovo Legion Y920, it is essential to offer keycaps and switches that doesn’t require you to attach an external keyboard. The Lenovo Legion Y920’s low profile mechanical keyboard delivers one of the best typing experience with the company’s proprietary switches and there’s great key travel distance, it does take some time getting used to if you have been using a proper mechanical keyboard all this while, but it does make typing on the go a lot more enjoyable than other gaming laptops.

Most gaming laptops I’ve come across have pretty bad trackpads, which can get pretty annoying if you need to get some stuffs done quickly without using a mouse, and since you are already paying a premium for gaming laptops, there’s simply no excuse for the manufacturer to not include a good trackpad hardware. The Lenovo Legion Y920’s trackpad uses Synaptic drivers and it offers great tracking performance that you don’t need to connect a mouse if you aren’t gaming, which also saves you the need to look for extra table space since the laptop has a rather huge footprint. What makes things even better is the wide spacing between the keyboard and trackpad, which effectively helps eliminate accidental touches on the trackpad when you are typing on the keyboard.

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I have hardly hear any laptop speakers that is as good as Apple’s MacBook, the same goes for some gaming laptops as well, despite having a bulky build their speakers simply sound crappy and I assume this is probably one way to save manufacturing costs. The Lenovo Legion Y920 sports two JBL speakers and a subwoofer, with the help of Dolby Atmos sound enhancement, it delivers a great listening experience whether it is for gaming, music listening and watching movies, there’s no need to attach external speakers because these speakers can easily fill a room without any distortion, while producing a clear thumping bass response.

Well-spaced USB ports

It is extremely annoying to find some gaming laptops to have their USB ports placed so close to each other, especially when you need to connect a slightly thicker USB device (ie. USB modems), it blocks the other port when you need to use both of them. The Lenovo Legion Y920 offers four USB 3.0 ports and they are extremely well-spaced so that you don’t need to remove the other USB device just because you have a thicker one. In addition, the Lenovo Legion Y920 also has a full-size DisplayPort, which eliminates the need for a dongle if you were to extend your display to monitors with high refresh rates.

Hybrid Hard Drive

While most gaming laptops boast extremely fast solid state drives, they usually provide a 5400RPM hard drive as the secondary storage, which can actually affect loading times and most users will install games on that drive rather than the SSD. The Lenovo Legion Y920 comes with a 2TB hybrid hard drive, which technically has small flash storage space inside for caching purposes and helps deliver at least two times better performance than a standard 5400RPM hard drive.

The Lenovo Legion Y920 will retail for the price of RM12,999 in Malaysia, which is quite a good deal considering it has many features that most gaming laptops do not have at that price range. Stay tuned for our detailed review of the Lenovo Legion Y920 coming right up.