Sony really want to dominate the VR market in recent times as they are releasing yet another VR exclusive title called No Heroes Allowed! VR which will release on 14 October 2017. In No Heroes Allowed! VR, you play as the God of Destruction in a unique real-time strategy game which will utilize the PlayStation VR technology.

As a God, players must maintain an ecosystem by constantly breeding weaker monsters to feed the invading monsters. Players can also affect the chain of life and death by raising monsters however they like in an attempt to conquer the world by invading human territories, vanquish the defending heroes and bringing the human bases under your control. There are limited edition bonuses that players will get when purchasing the game earlier for the physical copy and digital version. For the physical copy, players will get the Badman and Badmella of Netherworld avatar set and for the digital version, players will get the Monster Avatar set.

The game will release on 14 October 2017 and the early purchase promotion period will run from 14 to 29 October. Prices for the physical and digital versions are RM129 and RM119 respectively.