The PlayStation 4 console has just received its milestone update which comes as version 5.0. The new update will be roughly around 375MB but brings about update and major improvements to the user interface of the system.

One of the major changes is the broadcasting capabilities, PS4 Pro users will now be able to stream at 1080p at 60 FPS and PSVR users will be able to see new messages and comments through the headset while streaming. Next is the friend list which is not updated to allow users to sperate friends into different groups making it easier to send invites to players that play a particular game. The next is my favourite as Sony has reduced the time spent in menus as the Quick Menu has been updated to have more options, so you don’t have to go back to the home screen when you want to change some of the settings.

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Finally is parental control, where owners can set their account as the Master account and assign the other accounts as Parent, Adult or Child which will give this accounts limited access based on the settings by the Master account. To get the update, simply turn on your console and wait for the download to come in or select the check for updates option to get the latest update.