Just last week,  a report has shown that Apple has 26 percent of devices running on its latest iOS 11 software, a week after its public release. The story of course is different for Android devices. But the folks at Android are constantly working hard to eliminate Android fragmentation on the countless devices running its software. It might be a long shot, but Android has released the latest statistics of software distribution, and Oreo has finally seen the light.

The latest statistics on the Android Developers website show Android Oreo’s presence in the pie chart, although accounting for a mere 0.2 percent. That is still three times lesser than the ancient Android Gingerbread, which is still active on 0.6 percent of Android devices. The same percentage applies to Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Last year’s Android Nougat accounts for 17.8 percent in total, with Marshmallow still being the most operated software, taking a 32 percent cut of the pie. Android Lollipop still takes more than a quarter at 27.7 percent and Kit Kat 14.5 percent.

Most manufacturers are working hard behind the scenes to bring Android Oreo software to their newer devices. Based on dropped hints, we might see companies like Nokia and OnePlus rolling out before the rest. Are you looking forward to Android Oreo?