While both Apple and Samsung are constantly at loggerheads with ongoing patent disputes and so on, most of us do know that behind all that, Samsung still manufactures numerous components for the Cupertino giant’s iPhones, especially OLED displays, which Samsung is known for. According to a report by Wall Street Journal, Apple won’t be the only one coming out as a winner when the iPhone X rises to success.

Since Samsung plays a vital role in making iPhone components, the South Korean company will be raking in a huge amount of cash from Apple. A recent research estimates a total sot of $110 in Samsung made components in the iPhone X. Apple is currently making a total of 130 million units of the handset, which will translate to more than $14 billion in earnings for Samsung.

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How much does rivalry matter when Samsung is busy collecting its money behind the scenes? While Apple will only further boost its brand fame and prestige with the release of the iPhone X, Samsung will be a definite winner together with Apple, at the expense of the latter’s flagship. What do you think?