Sony has just unveiled an updated version of its PlayStation VR headset which will feature some hardware refinements and one of it is the addition of stereo headphone cables integrated with the headset and a slimmer connection cable.

The updated headset will also come equipped with a new processor unit which enables HDR pass-through. This would allow PS users to watch HDR videos through the TV without plugging out the headset. Based on the Japanese PlayStation website, the headset will retail for 44,980 Yen (RM1686.09) and will arrive in Japan on 14 October. The website also mentions that Sony is working on improving the move controllers as well and will release a PS4 exclusive version with a micro-B USB connection.

PlayStation VR is getting an new model that comes with built-in earphones 1There did not mention release dates for other countries but they listed that North America will be getting it at a later date. It’s nice to see that Sony is improving on the issues with the headset and overall experience. It is the cheapest VR alternative