With the release of Intel’s 8th Generation processors, it is time for Asus to introduce a new lineup of the motherboard that will provide users with the full potential of what the new processors can offer, giving you a better experience when playing games, content creation, or power users that want more with their PCs.

Asus has released 15 models of motherboards that covers a range of priorities, budget and form factors. THe Z370 collection will span across ROG, Prime and TUF Gaming motherboards made for a particular audience.

This range also includes the next-generation ROG Maximus X motherboards with all the bells and whistles that gamers and performance enthusiasts demand. Other than that, is the ROG Strix motherboard which is stylish with the performance to match, Asus Prime series for customization and tuning and the all-new Asus TUF gaming boards with durability and ease of use at an affordable price point.

As of now, Asus has no solid release date or pricing for these motherboards but they did say that you can contact your local Asus representative for more information.