Facebook allows all of its users to type out statuses as long as essays, but as we all know, posting on Twitter is a different ball game. On Twitter, users can only tweet up to 140 characters, which is the limit set by Twitter. But you will soon be able to type up to 280 characters in a tweet.

According to a blog post by Twitter, most languages are heavily restricted by the 140 character limit, with the exception of East Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Although Twitter has been carrying out some measures to eliminate the restriction, such as discounting URL’s and Twitter handles in the character limit, the popular social network is going to try something new that will change things around.

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Twitter is happy to announce that it will be trying out a longer limit of 280 characters in order to reduce the impact of the limit on languages. In doing so, Twitter will be collecting more user data for research, to determine what suits users best in the Twitterverse.

Bear in mind that the new 280 character limit is currently being tested only among a small group of users. You can always check whether or not you’re part of the lucky group, but make sure that your Twitter app is being updated to the latest version.