While most other companies are still busy pushing out new flagship smartphones to stay relevant in the market, Samsung seems to be two steps ahead of the rest. What better time than to have the company’s best selling flagships in more color options? The South Korean manufacturer will see a new Rose Pink Galaxy S8 in the European region.

Pink is the new black, perhaps? The new Rose Pink Galaxy S8 no doubt looks just as sleek as the other colors that were launched with the Galaxy S8. As displayed on the Samsung Netherlands official site, the Rose Pink color option is also extended to the larger Galaxy S8+ as well.

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This of course, differs from the Pink edition Galaxy Note 8 that was announced exclusively in Taiwan last month. Although not a new device anymore, the Galaxy S8 series is definitely one of the best smartphones of 2017 and it is tough to deny that the Rose Pink Galaxy S8 looks pretty brand new on a slightly aged smartphone.

Samsung has been known to collectively unveil new color options for its flagships throughout the year. Do you think the Rose Pink Galaxy S8 will make its way to Malaysia?