While Google is ever struggling with Android fragmentation over the sea of devices running on its open source OS, more than a quarter of Apple iOS devices now run on the company’s latest iOS 11 software. These statistics come as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus has just been released recently.

iOS 11 is of course not as silky smooth as it is on all of Apple’s devices. It is no surprise that aged ones such as the iPhone 5S do suffer from some sluggishness when running iOS 11. Regardless, an impressive 26 percent of iOS devices now run on Apple’s latest software, which was just released a little over a week ago.

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The adoption of iOS 11 also comes before the release of the more sought after iPhone X by Apple, which will no doubt boost the percentage in a short amount of time. Meanwhile, as of two weeks ago, only a mere 15.8 percent of Android devices are operating Android Nougat, which was released in 2016. Android Marshmallow devices are currently the highest, accounting for 32.2 percent, which will likely be the case for the next couple of months.

Are you running on iOS 11? Do you think it’s fair to compare iOS and Android when it comes to distribution and adoption?