Now, it won’t be fun if Maxis hadn’t join in the unlimited data game as the No.1 4G+ network in the country, hence the company has unveiled ookyo, a 100% digital internet plan that will cost you RM30 monthly and gives you unlimited access to either social media apps or streaming services, you will not be able to make 3G voice calls with the service, even though you can port your number into the service(UPDATE: Maxis has clarified to us that you will be able to make 3G voice calls and send SMSes with ookyo, customers can either buy a Voice & SMS bundle that gives you 1000 minutes and 1000 SMSes for RM8, or pay as you use for the price of RM0.15/30 seconds and RM0.15/SMS)

ookyo is Maxis' answer to the unlimited data war (UPDATE) 1ookyo offers unlimited data usage for social chat apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Messenger, customers will get to choose either the Social or Entertainment pack upon signing up for the service, the Social Pack includes unlimited data usage for apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, while the Entertainment pack offers unlimited data usage for Spotify, JOOX Music and more. On top of that, users can get an unlimited pass for an app that is valid up to 30 days for as little as RM3, which you can choose from over 100+ apps in the ookyo store, unfortunately there’s no iOS app support at this point of time. For Android users, you’ll also be happy that for every Ringgit spent on the ookyo service, you will also get a 10% cash back on Google Play credits, which you can use it to purchase apps and content on the Play Store.

In order to enjoy the unlimited data for entertainment and social pack, users are required to download the ookyo app onto their phones and allow a VPN connection initiated by the app, without the app you will be using up the allocated 3GB data. As in why Maxis has decided to use VPN for the unlimited data access, we assume this is to avoid using the unlimited quota for tethering to other devices, as you can’t enable tethering with a VPN connection enabled on your phone, however the service does allow you to tether your connection with the given 3GB quota at no extra charge.

ookyo is now available for sign ups, early birds will receive a RM15 Google Play store credit and SIM pack deliveries are currently limited to West Malaysia only. Unfortunately, the ookyo app is only available for Android devices only, and there were no mentions in the FAQ section that iOS devices would be supported anytime soon if you want to use its unlimited data service.