G.SKILL has announced a new lineup of Trident Z RGB DDR4 memory kits with an enhanced compatibility on the latest AMD platforms. The kits were specially designed for the Ryzen and Threadripper platforms and now, there are options like DDR4 3200MHz CL14 or massive 8x16GB kits up to 2933MHz.

AMD offers configurations on the Ryzen that will support dual-channel with 2 or 4 memory modules and the Threadripper supports quad-channel memory with 4 or 8 memory modules. To add power to the already powerful processors, the clock speeds on the RAM will be best utilized by high-end graphics rendering systems and comes with a wide selection. The table below shows compatibility with the current AMD processors:

To identify the AMD-optimized Trident RAMs, look for the “X” at the end of the RAM’s model numbers such as the one below:

These new RAM sticks will also support OC profile support on compatible motherboards by simply enabling the OC profile in the BIOS to get the high-performance DDR4 memory speeds. The new G.SKILL Trident Z RGB RAM will be available through G.SKILL authorized distribution partners in October 2017