As much as most of us love our rides like as if it were our wives, wipers are one thing that most of us don’t really care a lot as they merely perform two important tasks – to wipe dirt of the windscreen and keep driving vision clear during a heavy rainpour, it has never occurred to me that I should invest in a good pair of wiper blades. Bosch’s AeroTwin wiper happens to be one product worth mentioning, not only it is a pair of expensive wipers, but it delivers performance that I find it worth for what it is priced at.

Bosch sells the AeroTwin Wiper Blade in two variants depending on your car’s wiper clip, the AeroTwin Plus in particular, is made for luxury car makes such as Mercedes and BMWs. The wiper blades come in two separate boxes, it is pretty flexible as you can choose the length you want instead of having both blades included in a single packaging, or if any of the wipers are having issues, you can simply just buy a pair to replace it.

The AeroTwin Wipers are made for a full windscreen wiping coverage, this is all thanks to the custom contoured EVODIUM steel vetebra made to fit any windscreen curvatures. In addition, the wipers have a uniform contact pressure that spreads wear evenly, and Bosch has added a compound on to the rubbers with graphite coating that make the blades last up to three years.

Installation of the AeroTwin Wiper blades can be new for some, and Bosch has been kind enough to provide a set of instructions on the box, all you simply need to do is to lift up the cap that hides away the wiper adapter, position it properly and slide it carefully to your car’s wiper clip until you hear a very assuring “click” sound, and you are all set.

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It was a great time to test out the wiper’s performance at this point of time, as the city of Kuala Lumpur has been raining very frequently. Coming from a silicon wiper user’s point of view, the Bosch AeroTwin wiper is decent in wiping performance, its full windscreen coverage works as advertised but what I like the most is how silent it is when it cleans my windscreen, especially when it comes to wiping away heavy pour of rain, the wipers clears my driving vision effortlessly.

At the end of the day, the Bosch’s AeroTwin wiper’s retail price is one thing that might actually get you considering to spend on it, as a single pair of the wiper blade will cost you from RM63.60, pair up with the second pair you are going to pay more than RM100 for a pair of wiper blades, hence it really depends on how crucial wiping performance is to you in the case of bad weather conditions, but we have absolutely no problems in recommending this product if you want to stay safe driving in the rain with a clear vision, along with Bosch’s claim of it being able to last up to three years of service, it seems that the Bosch AeroTwin wipers aren’t expensive after all.

To purchase the Bosch AeroTwin and AeroTwin Plus wipers, you can visit the Bosch Malaysia Official Lazada Store.