It looks like we won’t be seeing HTC’s glory days anytime soon, as the company suspends its stocks for trading, after making losses for more than two years now. The Taiwanese company is still operating, but is currently being taken off the stock market in order to save itself from plunging further.

In terms of smartphone quality, it looks like HTC has finally found ground in 2017, releasing the HTC U Ultra and the HTC U11, along with a series of entry level to mid range handsets. But quality isn’t good enough to save the company from making continuous losses. HTC even relied on its Vive VR headset sales to make up for its losses, but to no avail as well.

Statistics from August saw HTC reach a record 13-year low revenue at a measly 3 billion yuan, with the company’s chairman Wang Xuehong taking the sale of the company’s mobile phone business into consideration. Currently, HTC’s global market share is only at 0.68 percent, and the company fears of facing the same fate like the original Nokia company did before being revived by HMD Global.

Other rumors point to an acquisition by global giant Google tomorrow, which seems likely as well as these rumors also mention a pending major announcement by HTC. The company has said to be in talks of negotiation with Google since a couple of weeks ago.

HTC’s improvement in smartphone quality and its investments in VR technology were not enough to keep the company in the stock market. Let’s hope the company floats well before it attempts to swim again. Perhaps, the company will take flight once again with the help of Google. What do you think?