Digi and 11street have come together to release a smartphone plan under Digi for the Galaxy Note 8. The plan will allow you to own the new flagship device for as low as RM1,799. All you need to do is signup for the Go Digi plans to get this great looking device with a plan that has value.

Currently, 11street has listed the Go Digi 168 plan which will get you the phone for only RM2,500 but in addition to that, you will be getting unlimited domestic calls and 500 free minutes to Singapore. The Internet quota is broken down into two sections with unlimited free quota when using data from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. Other times there is a 40GB quota which is still a very decent amount. There is even roaming which gives you 8GB of roaming data and 90 minutes free calls in 16 countries. Digi has also got you covered if you need to make international calls as they are offing 300 minutes of IDD calls. There is an advance payment for RM300 for this plan which will be rebated within 6 months and you will be tied to a 24 months contract.

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There are also other plans if you are looking for something more affordable like the Go Digi 78 and Go Digi 98 which also gives you ample amount of data, as well as roaming data, can talk time and IDD calls. Plans are listed below.

However, this plan is not seen on Digi’s official website, it is unsure if this is an official deal but we are assuming this is a teaser for what Digi is offering or a deal that got published before the scheduled time. If you are interested to own this beautiful piece of hardware then you have only until the end of 30 September 2017 to take advantage of this deal. Do read the terms and conditions as they have mentioned Whatsapping a person before making the purchase