Samsung has updated their Samsung Pay app to include reward points upon using their payment system. We accidentally stumbled on it when we were messing around with the app and found that it seems like it more worth it to use the app to pay for things. As long as you have Samsung Pay activated, the app will reward you with 450 points which you can already use to redeem certain vouchers.

Accumulating points is somewhat of a hit and miss, you will get rewarded for using the app regardless of the amount you use and every tap will earn you 10 points. However, there are tiers and everyone starts at the Bronze tier and can progress to Silver and Gold. Once you made 5 purchases, you will move into the Silver tier where every payment made using the app will earn you 20 points and after 20 purchases you will advance to the high tier, Gold, which will earn you 40 points for ever purchase.

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At the moment, points can be used to redeem vouchers from dal.comm Coffee, a movie voucher from GSC, Kenny Rogers Classic Choice Meal, Lazada coupons and products from Samsung itself.

Why we said this is a hit and miss is because if you were to spend a high amount, you would only receive 10 points if you are in the Bronze tier, we recommend that if you want to accumulate points, spend them on small amount products. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions which can be view by pressing the question mark(?) icon on the top right of the tier section in the app.