Motorola has just shared the news that Android Oreo update will be coming to the Moto G4 Plus, a phone that was released more than a year ago. When it was introduced to the market it came with Android 6.0, making it all the way to 8.0 is a big update one that will definitely benefit the current users of the phone.

The interesting part is that Motorola published a list of phone that will be getting the Oreo update and G4 Plus was not in that list which made users upset as they were promised an update to Android O when it comes out. The company then took out a statement saying that they had some issues with their promotional material when the phone released, as it was initially only getting the Android N update. They have mention despite the mistake, they will still be taking out the Oreo update for the G4 Plus but it will take awhile as it was not initially planned to have the update.

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Moto G4 Plus will be getting Oreo update despite promotional mistakes 1Props to Motorola for fixing their errors and users of the G4 Plus will be very pleased to know that Motorola is working hard to take out the update soon.