It’s about time, after teasing us with so many videos of the new Monster Hunter: World game which is set to release on the Xbox, PS4 and PC, they have finally announced a release date of January 26, 2018, on consoles and a PC release will follow at a later date said Capcom in a press release.

Sony is also banking in the hype by releasing a special Liolaeus Edition PS4 Pro which has art from the game on the body of the console. This variation of the PS4 Pro model will release in Japan on December 7 but a worldwide release date has not been confirmed. Similar to its 3DS counterpart, all actions like climbing and leaping onto monsters backs will be seen in this game with the addition of more actions like using the surroundings to your advantage and luring monsters to other monster nests, forcing them to duke it out while you land the last hit.

Monster Hunter World is releasing worldwide on January 26 1As for now, we can only wait and drool at the trailers that they have released and gameplay demos of the weapons offered. How many of you will be getting this game? Let’s have a hunting session when it releases!