The huge market in China makes it one of the more potential markets for smartphones compared to other countries. The demand for smartphones definitely fuel copycat manufacturers to make dirt cheap handsets which look nearly identical to the more popular ones, and it is probably the reason why these companies can thrive in China.

Vkworld is one of the many companies that specialize in making smartphones like these. The company’s upcoming Vkworld S8 not only carries the same name of the Galaxy S8 by Samsung, but will also feature a near bezel-less display on the front.

The Vkworld S8 will also sport a dual camera setup on the back, like other smartphones following the dual camera trend. The processor that powers the device has yet to be known, but the Vkworld S8 will come with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The main highlight however, will be its battery. Conventional smartphones typically pack batteries with capacities around the 3,000mAh mark, and that is also the case for 18:9 displays with sharper QHD+ resolutions. The Vkworld S8 on the other hand will bring that to the next level with a massive 5,500mAh battery.

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That’s all we know so far of this deliberate clone of the Galaxy S8. The huge battery in the Vkworld S8 definitely makes it an interesting device to look out for. What do you think?