The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has gone on sale on home soil South Korea. The recently launched phablet by the South Korean manufacturer was its first ever smartphone with a dual camera setup, marking Samsung’s eventual step into the trending dual camera world. According to local news site The Investor, a total of 270,000 units of the Galaxy Note 8 were sold on in the first two days of its sale.

This respectable sales figures were recorded by South Korean carriers over the last weekend. It trumps the Galaxy Note 7 which had 160,000 units sold and the Galaxy S8 with 260,000 units sold over the same amount of time. The Galaxy Note 8 has already been made available for pre-orders over numerous regions worldwide.

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Samsung’s flagship phablet of 2017 will face serious competition from the LG V30, which features an impressive wide angle sensor as part of its dual camera setup, plus the iPhone X, which uses Apple’s Face ID, along with dual OIS equipped cameras on the back, and a near bezel-less display on the front.

The Galaxy Note 8 is set for its release later this week on 21 September. What do you think of the phablet’s performance in South Korea over the weekend?