Looks like the Android One program is kicking into full gear with the release of the Mi A1 phone and now there are rumors that a new Motorola Android One phone will be coming to the United States indicates that Google is serious about this program. However, Xiaomi and Motorola is not the only two companies part of this, HTC is said to be the next company to make an Android One device.

A custom ROM developer that occasionally leaks HTC news, mentioned that the HTC Ocean Life will have an Android One version but will still have some HTC customization including the Edge Sense, Zoe and HTC Camera app. Ocean Life is said to be the codename of the HTC U11 Life, a phone that will feature 5.2-inch FHD display, 16MP camera on the front and rear, Snapdragon 630 and will have HTC’s Edge Sense squeeze gestures. The HTC Android One phone might be priced competitively to match the other Android One phones which should be around $400.

With phones having a broad range of price that we even see some mid-range phones priced at an almost high-end range, it’s good to know Google is stepping in to control the pricing and allowing more people to join the Android environment.