There was a rumor floating around hinted the Pixel 2 launch will be on the 4th October when Google advertised in certain cities to save the date. Now, Google has openly confirmed that it is indeed the launch date of the new Pixel devices with the tag line “Ask more of your phone”.

Fun fact, the Pixel, and Pixel XL were launched on 4th October 2016 which was why the initial rumor came about. Some of the features we are expected to see in these new phones are better battery life, unlimited storage via Google Photos, faster camera, an upgraded Google Assistant and of course, the first phones to get the latest Android updates. It is also said that HTC will be developing the Pixel 2 and LG will be developing the Pixel 2 XL, but both phones will feature the squeeze gesture we have seen in the HTC U11.

Reports also indicate that Google is going to leave the headphone jack out of the equation. However, they are expected to show off a pair of Assistant-powered wireless earbuds which would make sense if they plan to remove the headphone jack for this phones as well. We will be watching the live stream and giving you updates as it comes in, so stay tuned to KLGG.