We all have those instances whereby we regret sending a text, or accidentally sending a text to the wrong person. The consequences can be damaging, especially when gossip is involved. While this feature has long been rumored, it looks like we can finally recall sent messages on WhatsApp.

According to WABetaInfo, the feature that recalls messages is currently being tested internally on a beta version of WhatsApp. The image above shows what recipients see on their notification shade when you recall messages from them. Instead of showing the particular message(s), the notification will show “This message was deleted”. This feature definitely comes in really handy as most of us are bound to have a blunder or two every once in a while, ranging from sending texts to the wrong people, regretted messages and inappropriate typo’s.

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This feature isn’t new to some other messaging apps such as Skype, but the rollout of the said feature to public WhatsApp users hasn’t been known so far. We will definitely have to wait this out a little longer before we can begin recalling sent text messages on the world’s most popular messaging app. What do you think?