In conjunction with Cooler Master’s 25th anniversary, they have launched a new model for the COSMOS line called the COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition as a tribute to the iconic COSMOS case.

Even since the launch of the original case, fans have been asking and making their own windowed side panel for the COSMOS II. Cooler Master has seen this and is giving a surprise for all their fans, the Anniversary Edition will come with two curved tempered glass side panels out of the box. The panels will blend seamlessly with the contours of the case to give a smooth look inside the case. Cooler Master was the first case manufacturer to launch a full metal case and for their anniversary, they are integrating this design into the COSMOS II. There are two brushed aluminium handles and a soft brushed aluminium sheen on the front and top panels. A top slide, a panel covers the Advanced Control Panel and hidden behind the front panel lies a stack of hot-swappable drive bays.

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The new COSMOS II will also have a pre-install 200mm blue LED on the front and magnetic blue LED strip will allow you to illuminate your components and will shine out through the tinted tempered glass side panels. The COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition is now available in Malaysia with a price tag of RM1,399 and is available at all authorized Cooler Master resellers