That Game Company, the developers behind the multi-award winning game Journey has just announced during the Apple Conference that they will be releasing their new game, Sky, exclusively on the iOS. When I heard this news I was first, very excited that they are coming back and announced a new game. The second thing is that why would a company that is exclusive to Sony, produce a game for iOS and even to the point, got their own spot to demo and talk about their game. Then it hit me, could Apple be trying to get into the console gaming market?

Before anyone shoots me down hear me out, the new Apple TV is no doubt a very powerful system and it could be capable enough to beat out even the Nintendo Switch when it comes to performance. As a person that takes public transport a lot, I always see people on the train or bus waiting for time to pass, playing games on their phone and in my opinion, there are better games on iOS compared to Android. Apple definitely knows this so why not bank into the mobile gaming market by allowing users to carry their games with them when they are out, and play their games on a nice 4K monitor at home via the Apple TV. It is the perfect option for gamers that are busy with daily life but want to slot in some time for them to get their gaming fix. This is similar to what Sony allowed us to do with the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, there is an option for cross safe on games that support it, the concept is similar, save the game on the PS4 and download the save file to the Vita before leaving the house and you can pick up where you left from. If that is the case with the Apple TV, seeing as how iOS games have cloud safe, this method could work out very well.

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SteelSeries Nimbus paired with Apple TV

Here’s another scenario, in our previous article, we wrote about an iOS developer that managed to find out that the Apple TV on the iOS11 beta had an option to provide haptic feedback, everyone assumed that this might be included in the Apple TV remote but it was not shown during the conference. My thoughts wandered and came to a conclusion, what if Apple is going to release a controller for the Apple TV? It would make sense if they are going on the path of being a game console because I don’t know about you but I am not attracted by the fact that I have to use the Siri Remote to play my games. I would rather have a nice controller to play my games and not swipe on a glass surface. Secondly, the controller could have haptic feedback and we all know that the feedback on the iPhone 7 Plus feels amazing, what if you can get that exact same feeling on the controller for the Apple TV?

Again, all of this is speculations of a gamer, these are just my thoughts on how Apple could tap into the mobile gaming market and possibly enhanced the mobile gaming experience. Nothing is certain and I definitely don’t know what Apple’s roadmap is like for the Apple TV. Enough about my thoughts, let me know what you think about this, let’s discuss about this in the comments below or comment on Facebook what do you think about this.