Apple has just concluded their conference on the new Apple devices with the iPhone X taking the centre stage with its full body screen which looks like something out of a SciFi movie. However, price wise it might not be able to be owned by a lot of people and Apple understand that. So, if you are still interested in getting an iPhone but don’t need all the bells and whistle that come with the new phone, you can get the iPhone 7, 6 and SE for a reduced price.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Let’s start out with the iPhone 7, on its launch the phone was priced at RM3,199 for the 32GB model, RM3,699 for 128GB and RM4,199 for the 256GB model. If you head over to the official Apple Malaysia Online Store you will not be able to find the 256GB variant, however, the 32GB model has been reduced and is now priced at only RM2,749 and the 128GB is now RM3,249 making it slightly more affordable.

Moving over to the iPhone 7 Plus, on launch the 32GB model was priced as RM3,799, 128GB was priced at RM4,299 and 256GB at RM4,799. Similar to the iPhone 7, the 256GB model is no more but the 32GB is now priced at almost a 500 ringgit reduction coming in at RM3,349 and the 128GB model is now RM3,849.

iPhone 6s and 6S Plus

If the iPhone 7 is still not in your budget and you can make do without the features in the 7, the iPhone 6S has also been reduced in price. The phone on launch was priced RM2,399 for 16GB, RM2,699 for 32GB and RM3,199 for 128GB. The 16GB model has been removed but the 32GB model is now priced cheaper than the 16GB model at launch and comes in at only RM2,249, while the 128GB variant is now priced at RM2,749.

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On the 6S Plus side of things, it launched with prices of RM2,949 for 16GB, RM3,199 for 32GB and RM3,699 for 128GB. Similar to its smaller sibling, the 16GB has been removed and the price of 32GB is cheaper than the 16GB at launch coming in at RM2,749 and RM3,249 for the 128GB.

iPhone SE

Finally, we come to the budget model of all the iPhones which was launched with a price of RM1,949 for 16GB and RM2,199 for the 64GB model. In the case of the SE, both the storage and prices were revamped as now they are offering a 32GB model for RM1,749 and a 128GB model for RM2,249 which seems to give a much better value to the phone.

iPad Pro

Now here where the downside of things, as the prices of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro has gone up by RM250 for selected variants. The price hike has affected the 256GB and 512GB models where the price is now RM3,699 and RM4,599 respectively and for the WiFI+Cellular models, they are now RM4,349 and RM5,249 respectively.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has also been affected as now the price of the 256GB and 512GB is now RM4,199 and RM5,099 respectively. The Wifi+Cellular models have also been increased for the same storage options to RM4,849 and RM5,749 for the 256GB and 512GB models respectively.

This could be due to the issues what Apple has been having with the supply of NAND and DRAM as the prices of these components have gone up in the past couple of months and it has been affecting Apple in the production of their iPad devices. However, if you are looking to join the Apple bandwagon then this is a good time to be part of it as long you are not looking to buy the latest iPhone.