If you want to show off your best skills in Candy Crush or how you own Mobile Legends on live stream, Microsoft is now offering that solution for free with the Mixer Create app, available on Android and iOS, you can literally live stream most games on to the Mixer streaming platform, and by what we mean ‘most games’, you are not going to get the flexibility on iOS devices like you do on Android, as the latter will definitely support live streaming of any games installed, iOS games will require Apple’s ReplayKit support in order to support the live stream features, hence only certain titles such as Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Goat Simulator and Into the Dead will work well with Mixer Create.

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Game developers will usually need to integrate live streaming features into games in order to stream to Twitch or Facebook Live, Mixer Create tend to help reduce that trouble and though it only supports streaming to Mixer, its still a pretty good solution should you want to live stream games that doesn’t support native live streaming. Like most streaming platforms, the Mixer Create app will allow you to chat with your audiences, it also has co-streaming features to team up with Xbox and PC game streams, while it can also purely be used for chat when live streaming from PC.