The little WiFi routers from Google has finally come to Asia however it comes with a big but. The routers are now available in Singapore but it will come to other countries around Singapore soon. The second issue is that the routers will have to be acquired through StarHub, a Singaporean Internet service provider.

The deal is users would need to sign up for a two-year contract with the ISP to get the devices which will cost S$15 a month where in the US you could just buy the devices off the shelf. Making devices exclusive is not usually Google’s style and when Mashable asked for comments from Martic Geh, Google’s managing director for Asia-Pacific, he could not comment on how long the deal will last and said it was rare for Google to do this. If you were to buy the devices from 3rd-party sellers, Google mentions that there will be an issue with the channels as different regions will have different regulations.

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Google WiFi has arrived in Singapore but will be exclusive to StarHub 1They did not mention if it will come to Malaysia next seeing as Singapore is just next door to us but if it does, there could be a chance that the routers might be exclusive to a particular ISP. Let’s hope that is not the case.