With the new iPhone 8 about to be unveiled really soon, it looks like Apple is not only focused on that as they are planning to update their Watch with some new Workouts. This information comes from from the latest iOS 11 beta which seems to consist of a variety of icons that is for the Apple Watch companion app.

Some of the Workouts that were found in the iOS 11 beta are American football, baseball, bowling, dancing, skiing and other snow activities, skipping rope, a variety of fighting arts and surfing. The current watchOS 4 beta does not include any of these workouts but this is what that we might expect when the final version of the OS comes out. Even better news for current Apple Watch owners is that these new additions will not require new hardware as this is all under a software update that you will need to download.

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iOS 11 beta breakdown shows a varity of new Workouts that might be coming to Apple Watch 2Apple is expected to unveil a new Apple Watch model in the next few weeks which features an LTE connection. It is most likely Apple will be releasing the watch during the launch of the iPhone 8 next month.