Android owners know that when installing third-party apps, it is actually a pretty easy process. Enable Unknown Sources, open the APK file and install, comparing to its competitor’s method which can lead to a whole lot of headaches. However, no mobile operating system is safe from highjacks or viruses that can render the phone useless.

Android has thought long and hard about that and will be improving the method of installing third-party apps. Don’t worry, it is still an easy process but with an extra step of security. Rather than flipping a switch and installing theses apps, Android will now ask you to confirm that you want to install the app everytime you try to install an app from outside the Play Store. Users will have to give a response by confirming that you understand the risks involved and are responsible for the damage the app might cause to the phone. It is an extra step but this is one of the ways Android is buffing up the security of all phones running its operating system.

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Android Oreo will have a new way for you to install apps outside of the Play Store 1If you have any of the Pixel or Nexus devices that you can install the preview of Android Oreo and try out the new features including this as well. It goes without saying but all security features still can’t protect you from negligence, always be careful with what you are installing into your phones.