Facebook Stories hasn’t quite made it, but colorful statuses have become increasingly popular lately among Facebook users. It looks like WhatsApp will be following suit as well, bringing colors to its status updates.

Colorful statuses have proved to be more eye catching than your typical status updates. One of the main reasons why they stand out more is that users get to pick their own colored or patterned background (on Facebook at least) when they post their status, making the status more unique than before. WhatsApp’s statuses function similarly to Snapchat Stories, Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories, but like Facebook Stories, it isn’t as popular or widely used as compared to the rest in the list.

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The color status software update is currently on the roll out to WhatsApp users worldwide. The new feature will definitely breathe new life into WhatsApp statuses as it will be more appealing than ever. The update also comes with the ability to add links into statuses as seen in the second image above.

Be sure to check the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to verify that you are on the latest version of WhatsApp which comes with the latest app update that includes this new feature.