Future of laptop audio is going to get so much better because Dolby Labs, the company that created Dolby Atmos audio tools and Dolby Vision imaging technology is now targeting laptops so you will be eventually carrying a powerful sound system in your hands.

Dolby said in a briefing they had that they are going to work directly with laptop manufacturers. The first company it partnered with is Huawei and the Huawei MateBook X is the first laptop that they manage to get their hands on to implement speaker design. The Verge did a review on the MateBook X and they said that it is one of the best sounding laptops available. To understand how to implement their sound system into laptops, Dolby had to first take apart many laptops and understand how the speakers are designed. From this, they found out that most of the stereo speakers are not balanced, left and right speakers made by two different companies, or one speaker is slightly louder than the other.

Other than the MateBook X, Dolby is also working on the MateBook D  laptop from Huawei. However, when asked what other OEMs are they going to work with, they declined to mention any other, but they did say to expect more Dolby-designed laptops speakers in certain future laptops.