Let’s face it, having multiple displays on the work desk isn’t ideal if you don’t have the space to do so, and sometimes you just need one monitor to see everything you can. Multitasking on a single display is still possible, if you invest into a high resolution or ultra-wide monitor, however the prices of such monitors will probably turn you off. Hence, ViewSonic wants to resolve that issue with the VX3209-2K monitor, a huge 32-inch display that comes with a Quad HD resolution and doesn’t break the bank, it also happens to be a handsomely sleek display that doesn’t look overwhelmingly huge on your work desk, so here’s what I think about it after having it for two weeks in the office.

ViewSonic monitors have never been the most pretty ones when you compare to the likes of LG and Samsung, however the VX3209-2K looks unlike any of the company’s older monitors. What you are looking at is a gorgeously slim panel that could easily resemble your bedroom television, the monitor features an extremely slim white color chassis with a mere 8.5mm thickness, all thanks to the use of a SuperClear IPS-Type Panel, ViewSonic has also added a metallic finish around the frame, while offering a strong and solid metal stand.

On the back, you find a bulk halfway down the monitor as it houses an internal power board, which I think is a pretty thoughtful as you will only need to plug in the a “mickey” connector cord to power up the monitor, instead of lugging around a heavy power brick like the recent LG 27UD88 we have reviewed. If you prefer to mount the monitor on the wall, the monitor supports a 100mmx100mm VESA mount.

What’s slightly disappointing here is that the VX3209-2K doesn’t have a lot of ports despite having a large foot print, though you get to have a HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2a, VGA and audio out port, ViewSonic could have easily included an extra HDMI port or USB-C port, since many would have wanted to purchase this as a TV replacement.

Navigating the monitor’s OSD menu is pretty straightforward by pressing the row of buttons on the back, while I appreciate the use of physical buttons and where they are located, I wished they could be slightly bigger for large fingers. Picture controls are pretty standard like most monitors, notable features include a selection of color presets to choose from and a Blue Light Filter feature to reduce blue light emissions for eye comfort. If you are thinking to take advantage of the huge screen estate to view multiple input sources, the VX3209-2K doesn’t support Picture-in-Picture mode.

In terms of picture quality, the VX3209 displays 8-bit+FRC colors, which technically translates into 1.07 billion colors. In layman terms, it has a wide color gamut which will work really well in editing photos and videos. If you are thinking to take this monitor for outdoor work, the 250nits brightness isn’t going to give you great visibility.

For indoor usage, this is a really great monitor for work and play, viewing angles are good and I appreciate the use of an anti-glare matte panel, the 8ms GTG response time is also decent enough in gaming. With the QHD resolution, you are going to enjoy opening a lot of windows and multitask with ease. The rated power consumption for the VX3209 is pretty accurate at 33W on our power meter, which is pretty efficient if you are going to use it for long durations.

Overall, the ViewSonic VX3209-2K is an excellent display for both work and play, I’ve never found its size an issue on my work desk and never have I find the need to extend my desktop monitor since then, its asking price tag of RM1,299 makes it the most affordable 2K display with an IPS panel, though you aren’t getting an exceptionally bright display, it should suffice for those who wants to multitask on a single display while taking advantage of the available screen estate.