The Essential Phone has finally went on sale recently, months after the futuristic phone was announced. In an interview with Bloomberg, Android co-founder Andy Rubin has pointed out the resemblance of the Sharp Aquos S2 to the Essential Phone. True enough, both were manufactured by Foxconn, making them similar in design, particularly in their near bezel-less displays with selfie camera cut outs, which has gotten Foxconn in a minor spat with Rubin.

Apart from that, Andy Rubin has actually revealed two of Essential’s upcoming modules for their handset. The first one is “a gadget that can feed high-quality audio from the phone into a car’s stereo while the phone charges through its main port”, which definitely makes up for the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The other one will be the world’s smallest 3D laser scanner, but Rubin did not reveal the actual function of the module.

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Rubin also revealed another gadget of Essential which will be called Home. It is a smart home device and will support voice assistants such as Google and Alexa. Home has also been teased on the company’s official website, showing a circular table top device. It will run on an operating system known as Ambient OS. What do you think of Essential’s future products?